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Repeat Prescriptions:

may be obtained by

  • Repeat Dispensing: Your chosen pharmacist manages your repeat prescriptions: suitable for patients who take the same dose of medication everyday: ask your pharmacist or GP about this. (suitable for up to 80% of prescriptions)
  • Download and use the NHS App here (suitable for anyone aged over 13 with a smartphone)
  • If you're having difficulty with the NHS App, create an econsult. Click here eg if a medicine you were expecting to be on your repeat is missing.
  • You can request a prescription in writing by post, but this is the slowest method and most laborious.  Please include your name, address, NHS number, date of birth and the name and dose of each medication requested.
  • Please don't attend the surgery just to request medication during the COVID19 pandemic to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

We will send your prescription electronically to your chosen pharmacist.  Please allow three full working days between your request and going to the pharmacist to collecting your medication. Allow 5 working days if you're using the postal service.

NB To maintain safe prescribing, you CANNOT request prescriptions over the telephone.  It is Practice policy NOT to accept prescription requests over the telephone.

Medication Reviews: Patients on repeat medication will be asked to see either a doctor, clinical pharmacist, nurse practitioner or practice nurse at least once a year to review these regular medications.

Please do not come to the surgery to collect prescriptions. DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC ALL PRESCRIPTIONS WILL BE SENT TO YOUR USUAL PHARMACIST If you have not nominated a pharmacist it will be sent to the pharmacy closest to your registered address. For repeat prescriptions please allow 3 working days (72 hours) before going to the pharmacist. As of April 2020, all prescriptions must now be sent electronically to your chosen pharmacist. You can nominate any local or online pharmacy in the UK, just ask the pharmacist or our reception team. If you have difficulty going to your pharmacist to collect your prescription, they may be able to deliver, please ask your pharmacist.
Your repeat prescription cannot be issued until they have been reviewed by your new GP. Please submit an econsult with a scan of your repeat prescription request list from your old practice. If this is not possible, email it to nehccg.giffarddrivesurgery@nhs.net and the admin team will assist you. Before leaving your old practice, please ensure that you have requested at least 1 month's worth of medication. Please DO NOT ask the receptionists for prescriptions over the phone. It is not safe and it's against our practice policy.

Urgent Repeat Prescription Requests

1.Use the NHS APP for Repeat Prescriptions

If you have less than a week's supply, please use the NHS APP to order your prescription. It will be processed within 3 working days (Suitable for patients aged 13 or more with a smartphone)

2.Submit an econsult if you don't have a smartphone or have less than 3 days supply

Use this method if you've:

  • not had a repeat prescription for that medication yet
  • you're likely to become unwell without that medication
  • not yet registered with Patient Access

It will be processed within 2 working days

3. Pharmacy emergency supply

If you have no supply at all your pharmacist can issue an emergency supply of 1 month, but is only authorized to do this once a year per patient.

Click here for more details