GP Partner Announcement

Dr Khalidi who has been a GP at Hylton for 24 years will sadly be leaving the practice on 1st April 2021.

We are going to miss him but it is time for him to relax and enjoy time with family.  He has been an excellent partner, colleague and GP to all of our patient’s past and present.

Hylton are happy to announce Dr Fadi Khalil as Senior Partner to the practice as of 1st April 2021.  I am sure our patients will join us in welcoming him to the partnership.

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Dr Khalidi Retirement

Hylton  Medical Group would like to announce the retirement of Dr Khalidi come April 2021.

Dr Khalidi has been a Partner at Hylton Medical Group for over 24 years and will be remembered for his unconditional dedication, hard work and commitment to the patients of Hylton but that time has come to “hang up his stethoscope” and spend more time with his own family.

We hope you join us in wishing him the very best in his new ventures in the future.

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Whay do the receptionists ask why I’m calling?

Please don’t be offended when the administrative staff ask why you’re calling. 

The admin staff are members of the practice team and it has been agreed they should ask patients ‘why they need to be seen’. Admin staff are trained to ask certain questions in order to ensure that you receive the most appropriate medical care from the most appropriate health professional at the most appropriate time.

The administrators are asked to collect brief information from patients to help:
– doctors prioritise house visits and phone calls
– ensure patients receive the appropriate level of care
– direct patients to see the nurse or other health professionals rather than a doctor where appropriate.

Admin staff, like all members of the team, are bound by confidentiality rules:
– Any information given by you is treated strictly confidentially.
– You can ask to speak to the receptionist in private, away from the reception desk (if you happen to be in surgery).
– However, if you feel your issue is very private and do not wish to say what this is, then this will also be respected.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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***11.48am 7th November 2019***
Our phones are now working.

Please accept our apologies for this.

We have asked our suppliers to look into this as a matter of urgency as we have experienced these issues on and off for some weeks now.

Thank you again for your patience.



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Important Medication News March 2019


Previously controlled drugs were printed and had to be collected from the practice, this is changing very soon.

These medications will be able to be sent electronically with your other usual medication to the pharmacy of your choice.

Our clinical systems supplier (EMIS WEB) has notified us today that our start date for roll out is 28th march.  (Each GP  surgery have different start dates).

From this date the practice will be able to forward your controlled drug prescription to your nominated pharmacy.
You order in the same way but instead of collecting from us you will collect direct from the pharmacy, (If you are signed up to electronic prescribing that is).

This is the case for all schedule 2 and 3 drugs from 28th March 2019.

If you have any queries please contact us to speak with our pharmacist Wendy or speak with the pharmacist from your usual pharmacy.

Thank you.

Controlled drugs in EPS national roll out

The national roll out of controlled drugs in EPS for TPP SystmOne and Vision is now complete. All GP practices in England using either of these systems are now able to prescribe controlled drugs electronically.

The EMIS Web roll out will start on 25 March 2019 and take place over two weeks.

We are working closely with Microtest to confirm dates for a pilot with its Evolution system. Further updates will be published soon.

Processing prescriptions for Schedule 2 & 3 Controlled Drugs (CDs) electronically using EPS will make the process safer and more secure.

If you work at a GP practice using EMIS Web, it is important that you check when your practice will go live so you can prepare for the change and inform your team and local pharmacies.

Benefits of prescribing controlled drugs through EPS

Benefits include:

  • fewer patients with both paper and electronic prescriptions, making it easier for them as all their prescriptions can be sent electronically to their nominated pharmacy
  • sending more prescriptions electronically will reduce the administrative burden on both GP practice and pharmacy staff
  • prescriptions will be sent securely and electronically, and so can’t be lost or misplaced
  • being able to see everything that has been prescribed helps pharmacists make the right decisions to safely and effectively dispense the right drugs for patients
  • patients who had chosen not to use EPS because they still had paper prescriptions for controlled drugs can now benefit
  • patient safety is increased as errors are less likely

read more at NHS Digital on the link below:


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Our work with Cancer Research UK


The practice was introduced to Cancer Research UK by the commissioning group.  This was an city wide initiative to look at ways of using data from patient referrals, symptoms leading to a referral and diagnosis to find trends/patterns which would help us help our patients in future.

A CRUK practitioner came to see us in the practice to talk about our figures on referrals and diagnosis and how we could monitor this.

The practice decided to delve deeper and really take this to another level by looking at our templates (how we record the information in your consultation) and safety netting (sending reminders to those that fail to attend their screening ‘Breast/Bowel and Cervical Screening’) and following this up with calls from our clinicians.

Adding short cuts to the templates for staff to view the CRUK symptom checker if the staff feel the patient may have symptoms that are suggestive of a cancer.

In our second year we have found that Upper and Lower GI referrals (Stomach and Bowel) and symptoms are almost as high as Breast (women) and Urology (men).  We have sat together as a team and will really focus on stomach health / diet / healthy bowel and will really push this when you come to see your nurse for your check up or your doctor.

We are not here to nag or bully you and we certainly want you to enjoy food but the facts are that stomach and bowel cancers are on the rise and we feel strongly about sharing this information with you for that purpose.

CRUK were impressed with the extra work we did and invited us along to their road show and asked us to share the work we had done with Consultants/Surgeons/GPs/Specialist Nurses from the region.  You can view the video here.

Cancer symptom information can be found here.

If you have any concerning symptoms please make an appointment with your GP as soon as possible.

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newsletter jan 2019

winter newsletter 2018




CQC Outcome:


We achieved GOOD for Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well Led.


The staff have all worked extremely hard to improve ratings this year and we are delighted the hard work has been recognised.



Book your Flu Jab NOW!

Flu is a serious viral disease and is more serious in the elderly and those with long-term medical conditions as their bodies are not always strong enough to fight off infection.

Those at risk being:

People with respiratory (chest) disease, Heart, Liver and Kidney  disease, Diabetes,  history of Stroke/MS, disease of central nervous system or a weak immune system, HIV, Cancer, using steroids/chemotherapy/radiotherapy, no spleen, in some cases carers and Over 65s.

There is now a nasal flu vaccination for children.



Please make sure you have enough medications to cover the Christmas Holidays. 

PLEASE REMEMBER IT IS 48 Hr TURN AROUND FOR A  REPEAT PRESCRIPTION TO BE PROCESSED.  This is to ensure the appropriate record review and investigation checks are made. If you have not had a medication review in the last 12 month you will be invited for a medication review with the GP BEFORE your prescription is issued

Prescription Ordering

The surgery now has the facility for patients to cancel appointments and order prescriptions by text: 0795 451 9397, post, using a pharmacy, in person, or ONLINE.


You can also book appointments and view your results online, please ask at reception for details on how to register.

***Christmas Holidays***

We will be closed on the following days:      

Monday 25th December, Tuesday  26th  and Monday 1st January  ONLY.

If you require medical assistance during these days please contact NHS 111. 

Finally we would like to wish you all a very Happy & Healthy Christmas and New Year. 




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CQC Outcomes

CQC Inspection Outcome:


We are delighted to announce the practice has been awarded an overall rating of GOOD in all areas following our recent CQC inspection.  A summary is given below:

Hylton Medical Group Good
Overall summary & rating


Updated 16 November 2017
Letter from the Chief Inspector of General Practice

We previously carried out an announced comprehensive inspection of Hylton Medical Group on 21 April 2015. The practice was judged to be inadequate and placed in special measures.

On 4 February 2016 we carried out an announced comprehensive inspection and found that improvements had been made. In recognition of the improvements made the practice was rated overall as requires improvement.

We carried out a further announced comprehensive inspection on 2 February 2017. The overall rating for the practice was inadequate and the practice was placed in special measures for another period of six months. The full comprehensive reports on the previous inspections can be found by selecting the ‘all reports’ link for Hylton Medical Group on our website at

This inspection was undertaken following the period of special measures and was an announced comprehensive inspection on 28 September and 3 October 2017. Overall the practice is now rated as good.

Our key findings were as follows:

  • The practice had made significant progress since the last inspection and had addressed all areas of concern.
  • We found improvements in the overall governance arrangements, clinical governance, leadership and clinical effectiveness.
  • Staff assessed patients’ needs and delivered care in line with current evidence based guidance.
  • Staff understood and fulfilled their responsibilities to raise concerns, and to report incidents and near misses.
  • Patients said they were treated with compassion, dignity and respect and they were involved in their care and decisions about their treatment.
  • Information about services and how to complain was available and easy to understand.
  • Patients said they were able to get an appointment with a GP when they needed one, with urgent appointments available the same day.
  • The practice had good facilities and was well equipped to treat patients and meet their needs.
  • There was a clear leadership structure in place and staff felt supported by management. The practice proactively sought feedback from staff and patients, which they acted on.
  • Staff throughout the practice worked well together as a team.

The area where the provider should make improvements are:

  • Take steps to record the distribution of pre-printed prescription form stock within the practice.

I am taking this service out of special measures. This recognises the significant improvements made to the quality of care provided by the service.

Professor Steve Field CBE FRCP FFPH FRCGP 

Chief Inspector of General Practice

For Full report please click here.

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Practice Performance

KPIs in General Practice

Key performance indicators otherwise known as KPIs can help a practice define and measure progress towards its operational and organisational goals.

One of the challenges with performance management is selecting what to measure, however, as the primary means of communicating performance across the organisation, KPIs should focus on a range of areas.

What are KPIs:

  • Identifying areas of best practice
  • Focusing on continuous improvement
  • Delivering improved outcomes
  • Taking action to improve health services
  • Ensuring that organisational activities are linked to overall strategy

Firstly, each practice should have a strategic plan with clearly defined goals and objectives. Goals and objectives can be categorised into the following areas for example Financial, Patient Services, HR, and IT. Looking at specific areas management should then review what they feel are a priority.



We had re inspection on 28th September 2017 and the initial report will be going to National Panel on 25th October.

The inspection and follow up visit on 3rd October went well.

We should have outcome available very soon for you.

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11.7.2017 8.05am  IT System Issue

Sunderland IT Networks are currently down, we are experiencing slow clinical systems with limited access for ordering tests and accessing other systems.
Please bear with us while the IT department reinstates full usage.
We will update again as soon as we know more.
Thank you.


***NHS Cyber Attack***

***UPDATE TUESDAY 16th May 16.40***
The practice is open but has been operating at 50% IT access throughout the day.
IT Engineers have been working around the clock and tell us we now have 100% IT access.
We would like to thank you for your cooperation and patience during this difficult period.

Dr Khalidi and Staff

**UPDATE MONDAY 15th May @ 1.40pm**

The practice is open but severely limited due to the cyber-attack as our IT systems have been isolated to protect them.

Please bear with us and if the matter is not urgent please consider contacting us later in the week.

If you are feeling unwell and need our help please call the practice where we will triage you appropriately as usual.

If you need an emergency supply of medications, please contact your usual community pharmacy who can help.

Many Thanks for your understanding.

We will update you again as soon as we have more news.


*Update Sunday 14th May 9.50pm*

Primary care organisations across the North East will not have access to IT systems tomorrow (Monday 15 May 2017) and we are working hard to restore these throughout the day.

Practices will be contacted between 09:30 and 10:30 tomorrow morning and will be requested to work with IT Engineers to run the updates on computers in practices that have not successfully received the patch to date.

The current plan is for the N3 network to be switched on on the evening of Monday 15 May 2017.

We ask our patients to be patient and cooperate with us at this difficult time and we will update you as soon as we have any news.

Thank you.

*Cyber attack update* Friday 12th May 4pm

Hylton Medical Group was initially unaffected by the breach but NHS Digital and BT IT advisors decided to take precautionary measures which limited our computer access.  This then resulted in having no access to clinical systems from approximately 3.30pm on Friday 12th May.

We have contingency plans in place however will be unable to process prescription requests until clinical systems are back up and running.
GP’s can see only see patients with limited problems due to inability to access your medical history.  We can still carry out blood tests and some other diagnostic tests and you can collect your prescriptions if they were ordered before Friday.

We will have an update for you Monday 15th May at approximately 11.00am.

Please bear with us at this difficult time.

Thank you.

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