Improving Practice

PRACTICE WORK (Summer 2018)
Emergency Department Visits

We are working on our Emergency Department visit numbers.  We consistently use the ED at a higher rate than other practices even with increased appointment and telephone access.  We are using data to try and help us understand why this is happening and to try to encourage our population to utilise other services before using the ED such as your local pharmacy etc.

In May we had 96 people attend the ED.
39 were found to be for very minor ailments that could have been treat by a visit to your local pharmacy.  This costing NHS in the region of £5000 for May ED visits alone.

From June we will be contacting those patient who are using the ED for minor ailments to educate regarding self help and using services in a more appropriate manner.

Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group have a very informative “Look After Yourself” booklet which is a great starting point in a guide to self care.

Please help us to save NHS resources by choosing the right service for your illness.


Cancer Screening
We have been working very closely with CRUK (cancer Research UK) with increasing the uptake in those patient’s that don’t attend their screening.  Also to encourage those to attend for Cancer Care reviews post diagnosis.
We have been making leaps and bounds and have seen our DNA rates decrease by 20% in 2 years.
Our safety netting process has helped those referred under the two week cancer referral process to ensure they are seen in the appropriate time frame and have been reviewed in a timely manner also.
We have been asked to attend workshops to spread our processes and have been very humbled by the positive responses from CRUK to our work.
Our next project is looking to implement a comprehensive Cancer Care Review template.  We aim to review not just the physical aspects of your care but your social and emotional needs as well.
If you would like to know more about our work please click on the links below:

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