Our work with Cancer Research UK


The practice was introduced to Cancer Research UK by the commissioning group.  This was an city wide initiative to look at ways of using data from patient referrals, symptoms leading to a referral and diagnosis to find trends/patterns which would help us help our patients in future.

A CRUK practitioner came to see us in the practice to talk about our figures on referrals and diagnosis and how we could monitor this.

The practice decided to delve deeper and really take this to another level by looking at our templates (how we record the information in your consultation) and safety netting (sending reminders to those that fail to attend their screening ‘Breast/Bowel and Cervical Screening’) and following this up with calls from our clinicians.

Adding short cuts to the templates for staff to view the CRUK symptom checker if the staff feel the patient may have symptoms that are suggestive of a cancer.

In our second year we have found that Upper and Lower GI referrals (Stomach and Bowel) and symptoms are almost as high as Breast (women) and Urology (men).  We have sat together as a team and will really focus on stomach health / diet / healthy bowel and will really push this when you come to see your nurse for your check up or your doctor.

We are not here to nag or bully you and we certainly want you to enjoy food but the facts are that stomach and bowel cancers are on the rise and we feel strongly about sharing this information with you for that purpose.

CRUK were impressed with the extra work we did and invited us along to their road show and asked us to share the work we had done with Consultants/Surgeons/GPs/Specialist Nurses from the region.  You can view the video here.

Cancer symptom information can be found here.

If you have any concerning symptoms please make an appointment with your GP as soon as possible.

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