West Locality Community Helpers

The role of the community helper is to provide support, advice and resources to assist local residents with a wide range of issues that you could encounter on a day to day basis.

There are 6 community helpers across the West of Sunderland.

Community helpers are here to support you with:
Benefit entitlement
Job Search, CV’s and Application Forms

Addiction Related Issues (drugs / alcohol / smoking)
Sexual Health
Dementia Advice
Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
And much more ……………

The Pallion Ward Community Helper is Karen Ramage, who is based at Pallion Action Group.  Karen can sign post you to your own community helper for your area.

She can be contacted by e-mail at karenramage2004@gmail.com or by telephone on
07495 523 273 or (0191) 514 2011.

All interaction is confidential.

For further information on other community helpers click here.

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