Practice Performance

This page is designed to provide patients information about how well the practice is performing against a set of key measures we have decided to record. These figures were principally designed to provide information for the practice manager to ensure that our resources are being used in the most effective ways to provide as good a service as we can with the decreasing funding we receive.

General practice has been suffering with chronic underfunding for many years and a there is a national shortage of GPs which is much worse in Sunderland. We are feeling the pinch along with many other practices around the UK nowadays. We want to be as transparent as possible and show patients that there’s much more going on in the background than just doctors and nurses seeing patients.

We understand that it can be very frustrating making appointments sometimes, but please understand that we are doing the best we can and only have a finite number of appointments we can offer.

We’ve been very busy working for our 5,400 patients in the last 12 months!

278,889                                           54012
Prescriptions issued                  Face to Face Consultations

45400                                              38125
Tasks actioned                             Clinical letters actioned

10532                                               2419
Lab reports actioned                Patient (DNAs) Did not attend

1962                                                 1333
Referrals actioned                     Triage Slots

624                                                   356
Triage Calls not returned       Home Visits

Fast Track Referrals actioned

We hope that you will find these figures both interesting and enlightening.

We aim, starting this year, to do a month on month summary and again update you next year.

You will then see comparisons, year by year.




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